When you’re having a bad day…

I’m just finishing an audio version of Sharon Salzberg’s book Real Happiness at Work. Sharon’s focus, as always, is on practicing loving kindness.

Here are three tips  from Sharon if you’re having a bad day:

  1. When something goes wrong, picture your mind as the sky. Open. Blue. Endless. Sit with that for a moment. Now picture the issue you’re having. It’s tiny and insignificant compared to the sky. This exercise also helps if you’re getting ahead of yourself. That brilliant new idea you have. Or the witty-something you murmured. It’s all part of the big sky. [Deep breath].
  2. Practice sending loving, kind thoughts to whatever problem you’re having – or whoever you’re having trouble with. This could be a friend. A co-worker. Or are you arguing with yourself? When you sit quietly and send loving, kind thoughts, peace surrounds you.
  3. If the day still feels bigger than you, sit quietly and meditate on something you love. This could be a person. An activity. A memory. Or you might want to sit in front of a flower. Or the ocean. Or a baby. As you sit and feel the love, do you feel that bubble of energy right about at your heart? Sharon says that a hermit sitting alone and sending out positive energy helps the world more than a peace protester who is angrily fighting for a cause.

When you’re having a bad day, you have choices. Meditation can help heal your body and your soul. Being loving and kind can help heal the world. We’re all connected and when your energy is strong, it affects everyone and everything around you.

Wishing you a peaceful, productive, and kind weekend.

Cheers from the red sands of Cape Elizabeth, Maine on a cool summer day.

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