Finding awe

If you want to feel inspired, to feel your energy lift, to set off in a new direction, try a dose of AWE.

  • Gaze at a newborn baby.
  • Lift your eyes to a starry night.
  • Take a hike to a mountaintop – or go to the top of the tallest building you can find.
  • Sit by a body of water.
  • Listen to an incredible piece of music.
  • Walk around in a rain storm or in swirling snow.
  • Visit an art gallery.
  • Watch a sunrise or a sunset.
  • Breathe in and feel the joy of being small.

When you’re focused on yourself, your head is down. You’re pulled in tight. Your focus is limited.

When you experience awe, your brain lights up and becomes more altruistic.

When you experience awe, you’re more generous in how you deal with people.

When you experience awe, you know how tiny you are.

And you know how connected you are.

Awe is more powerful in your brain than happiness or joy.

Wishing you an awe-filled day.

Thanks to Fast Company for inspiring this post. I learn something new almost every day from reading Fast Company. And it’s free online. Wow.



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