The plot thickens…

In the secret world that only you know, what does your ideal life look like? This isn’t the world that other people see for you. Or a world that everyone else wants. This is your world.

  • If you were writing the novel of your life…
  • What’s the plot line? Is this a historic novel? A romance? A mystery? High adventure?
  • What century is it? Are you in revolutionary war France? The wild west? Ancient Rome? Current-day America?
  • Where do you live? Is it warm or cold? Mountain or shore?
  • What do you look like?
  • Who are the key characters? Are you one of a family of twelve? Or an orphan who grows up to rule the world?
  • What’s your work? Are you a writer? An artist? A business magnet? A child? A musician? Are you a generous society leader, or quiet hermit?
  • What do you do for fun? Are you part of high society? Are you a carefree traveler? What are your hobbies? What are your gifts?

Now paint a picture of this world. Or write a story about it. Or make a collage from magazine pictures so you can really see this world.

And if it’s truly an ideal world, this secret place inside you, how can you build a bridge between your life and this ideal place?

No one but you can decide how to spend your time here on Earth. Start where you are. Then build out and fill in the spaces around you.

Sending you peace and love from the frosty coast of Maine.



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