Being open to the BOOM

I love having a to-do list, a calendar, a daily planner. Most days this works really well for me to get lots done. But other days, I start with a BOOM.

Some days the BOOM hits me as I’m waking up. Sometimes it hits in the shower. Sometimes I’m halfway up the stairs on the way to my office when I get an idea to do something that is definitely not on my list for the day. I feel my energy lift, a smile spreads across my face, and I dive in.

Most of my BOOMS are fun – or weird – like suddenly deciding to declutter a closet. Or make a bag. Or plan out a new garden. Or go on a run or a bike ride.

Some are inspired by accident – I see something or read something that changes how I think or changes the direction I’m headed. How many of us have changed direction after reading one book? It happens to me with some frequency!

Some BOOMS come from conversations, especially with strangers. This happens to me frequently when I’m traveling and hear a random thing that gets me thinking.

What I love about BOOM moments is that while they take time, the stuff I had planned for the day still happens. It’s like a BOOM creates its own energy.

When you start off your day with a BOOM, all sorts of stuff gets done. And it’s magical stuff.

Planning is awesome. And being open to the BOOM is awesome.

Sending you energy and love to give in to your next BOOM moment 🙂




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