You are an expert

You are an expert. When you do that thing you do, energy flows through you and time slows down.

How do you do it?

  • You focus on the subject at hand
  • You take classes
  • You read books and listen to audio books
  • You practice
  • You write about your expertise so you process the information you’ve learned
  • You find others who do what you do, ask them questions, share what you know, and compare notes
  • You are curious and listen and watch for information that relates to your expertise
  • You spend time thinking

You became an expert by saying “I don’t know anything.” You asked questions. And you listened to the answers.

Wait. You’re not an expert at your passion? What are you waiting for? We need you to do that thing you do!

Peace and love amidst the rocks.

peace and love

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