Welcoming conflict as an opportunity

When you’re trying to get something done, the last thing you want is something, or someone, standing in your way. But sometimes conflict is exactly what you need to stop, to reconsider the direction you’re heading, and to make a change.

I’m in the middle of a great book called Sacred Instruction by Sherri Mitchell. Here are some of Sherri’s thoughts on the beauty of conflict.

  • Conflict is a messenger and a motivator to evolve your thinking or to take an action. Conflict creates friction and friction is energy which can lead to movement and change.
  • Conflict can be a pathway for new ideas to emerge.
  • Conflict makes you more aware of your position because it illuminates something that’s been hidden. When someone disagrees with you, you have to take a step back and think hard. “What exactly is it that I believe?”
  • Conflict can help you get organized and be decisive. If you can’t go in Direction A, what do you need to do to shift gears and head off in Direction B?
  • Conflict shows you a crack that you may have chosen to overlook.
  • Conflict can be internal. Internal conflict might be the most difficult to face when your inside no longer matches your outside!
  • Conflict is natural. No one gets to live a life that’s always happy and conflict-free. When you solve a conflict, another will rise – you can bet on it.
  • If you find you live in constant conflict, look for common causes. What can you change at an elemental level that will make your world more peaceful and harmonious?

The trick to me with conflict is to pay attention to it and not just continue on a path around it. To look for the message. And then to ponder before taking action. What’s that saying? “Think twice, speak once?”

I’ll leave you to ponder the beauty that comes from a crack in the rock 🙂 

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