Standing firm in a time of change

From your first breath as you emerged from the water of the womb to your last sigh as you leave the earth, each breath connects you to nature, to your work, and to fellow human beings across the world.

Can you tell I just finished reading a book on Wind work? 🙂

Author and shamanic healer Renee Baribeau’s book, Winds of Spirit, blows you around in all manner of directions. Here’s my #1 takeaway:

If you’re feeling disconnected from your work or your life, take off your shoes, step outside, and take a “wind bath.” Start off with a few deep breaths. Then ask yourself a question.

  • What’s troubling you?
  • Why are you feeling disconnected?
  • What can you do to change things?

Turn your back to the wind and breathe. Then turn to face the wind and breathe. Take your time as you listen for answers. As you may know from mediation, cool answers are usually not what you’re expecting!

The winds of change are crazy now around the world and the winds are going to pick up even more before things calm down. And maybe that’s what you’re feeling in your life! When you’re facing a strong wind, it’s good to have your feet firmly planted. To know what you stand for. And to be surrounded by a “tribe” that stands with you.

Asking for help may be what helps you get more grounded. And perhaps you’ll gain insight into the #1 thing you stand for. What’s your cause? How can you build on that with all of your work?

If what you’re working on or how you’re living your life doesn’t fit with the #1 thing you stand for, you are tempting the wind to blow you over!

The wind blew me over on the beach a few weeks ago. I am working on re-grounding as I build new bone and get my feet back under me. 🙂

So THIS happened outside my back window a few weeks ago… A flock of goldfinches stopped by to gorge on the cosmos. So awesome.

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