Making a Big Decision

When you’re faced with a challenge, you feel it first in your gut. Something is up. You think and think about it, but how do you decide when so many factors seem to weigh in equally? Back to your gut. This isn’t an intellectual problem – big decisions come from your gut. You want to be decisive. Why is making a choice so hard?

  • You don’t want to make a mistake.
  • You don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.
  • You don’t want to flip-flop on something you decided before.
  • You may not want to stick out in the crowd – or within your friends and family groups.
  • Habits are hard to break; it’s hard to start a new routine.

So look for common threads.

  • What are the common threads in your life around relationships at work, home, and with your friends?
  • What has your path through life looked like for travel? Money? Work?
  • What decisions have you made in the past that made you happiest?
  • What’s the kindest, most patient, most compassionate way to move? Sometimes you only find that by doing it.
  • You’re on a path whether you see it or not. What’s the next logical step on your path?

And that’s your decision.

What’s funny in life is that the big turning points usually only make sense in hindsight. At the time, they look weird and crazy. It’s only when you look back that you think, “Yes, of course, that’s how things had to happen.”

Author Rob Schwartz in Your Soul’s Gift says, “The keys on the piano only contain music when you play them.”

I would say that a lot of joy in life only happens when you make the big decisions that send you off in a new direction.

I’m taking a big breath for you 🙂

Good night!

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2 thoughts on “Making a Big Decision

  1. So THAT’s why I don’t live in a hut on the mountain and raise sheep! Kidding… good thoughts, and yes, the patterns are there when we’re open to them. MFC was observing today that a certain friend was very aware of duplicate numbers… so when SHE starts noticing 333s or 444s, she accepts that it’s the universe’s way of saying, “Hey! It’s time to call so and so!” Not exactly a big decision, but perhaps another form of serendipity?

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