Words can start a revolution

“Every conversation won’t change your life. But any conversation can.”

Like much of what I’ve posted for the past week, this idea came up at the Good Life Project camp last weekend. I’ve been thinking about this in a couple of ways.

  1. Listen – new ideas and insights can turn your head.
  2. Start a conversation – you never know what you’ll learn.
  3. Speak up – your voice is a gift and it’s important to speak your truth.
  4. The world is mysterious. And being open to the idea that new thinking can come from anywhere is one of the most delightful mysteries.
  5. You don’t always plan change – sometimes it just falls on you.

As you plan out your work and prioritize your plans after this lovely holiday weekend:

  • Are you leaving open time for a mysterious conversation to start?
  • Or can you start one?
  • Who needs to hear from you this week?
  • What truth have you been holding back on saying – and is it time to say it this week?
  • If you’re ready for a change, will you see the opportunity when it arises?

I love that what we say, and what we hear, can spark a revolution in ourselves and in the world. It’s cool to plan out your time and to get a lot done. And it’s cool to let a conversation take you down a new path.

Cheers from Camden, Maine where the Endless Summer Dahlia Farm came up in conversation… So we found it. And look how spectacular it is! 🙂

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