Stepping from one stone to the next

Have you ever found yourself racing through life. And then something happens that brings you to a halt and you realize you never intended to be where you are. Or to be doing what you’re doing. Or to be acting like you’re acting. Somehow you got to this point. How did that happen?

In Julia Cameron’s book The Vein of Gold, she talks about plotting the major stepping stones in your life. Plotting out your stepping stones is particularly helpful if you feel in need of making a change and aren’t sure what direction you want to go.

What were key turning points where you made a decision that pushed you to change direction? Or maybe you didn’t decide – sometimes fate decides for you with illness. Or an accident. Or perhaps you had a move, job, or relationship change that was beyond your control.

Take a moment to think about your stepping stones.

Can you see the pattern that lead you to right here, right now? Were there any stones along the way that weren’t intentional? Some unintentional stones put you on a path to a wonderful miracle. But if unintentional stones led you off course, is it time to set a new intention and make a course correction?

I have to admit that when I first read The Vein of Gold, this exercise took me about 8 months to complete. I’m a geek about history and plotted out every year of my life looking for stones. The process was so ponderous, I didn’t finish reading the book until about 8 years later. When I finally picked it back up, it was, of course, exactly the right time to read it. Stepping stones are kind of like that. 🙂

If you’ve read my blog, you know I love stones. But I’ll leave you tonight with bubbles. Check out these shots from a bubble artist we met last week at a foggy sunset in Kettle Cove. The beauty was there. And then it was gone. So mysterious!

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