What’s a single moment when you were living “the good life”?

Organizational Zen is about the peace you find prioritizing your time by working on the big stuff in your life. Not sure what your “big stuff” is?

I recently attended a class taught by the very wise, Dr. Alice Bandy. Alice helps people figure out their “Why”. Why?

  • Because you were born with unique gifts to share with the world and it’s hard to share something that you don’t know you have.
  • Most of us underestimate what we can bring to the universe.
  • If you don’t do the work that’s in your heart, it’s a big loss for all of us, and you won’t have as much fun while you’re here on earth.
  • Your work isn’t what you do – it’s who you are.
  • Your gift to the world is to take action.

To get a glimpse of your “why”, take a deep breath and ponder this question.

“Think about a single moment in your life where you felt
like you were living the good life.”

Where were you? What were you doing? Did it involve courage? Teamwork? Action? Flow? Innovation?

Describe to yourself that moment as a story, and hold onto that story because that’s a glimpse of your “why”.

Now think about the structure of your life.

  1. Stand outside yourself and ask “What does this person (you) need to be happy?” Think about time, food, health, work, meditation, working in teams or alone, family, and sleep. What structure do you need to thrive?
  2. What makes you feel secure now? Working for a company with a regular paycheck? Does your security come from a person? From a certain pattern?
  3. What are you willing to release in order for your life to change?
  4. What do you not have enough of in your life that you want to change?
  5. What is yours alone to do? What unique thing do you need to get done? What gifts and talents do you bring to the planet?
  6. How are you aligned with the Universal good? What’s good for you and for the people you love? How is life on the planet going to be better for this change?

Now you have a glimpse of your “why” and you have thoughts about what you need to keep and maybe to get rid of in the structure of your life. How do the two mesh? Can you keep some of the structure you love and do the work you love?

What has to give in order for you to get to your why?

Tough questions – and only you have the answers. Happy pondering!

Our dahlias are giving us a last burst of color before the first frost. Happy autumn!




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