Giving in to organization

If you resist getting organized, feeling like organization might box you in or make you less creative, consider this:

  • How much do you appreciate it when you attend an event that’s well-organized?
  • How nice is it when your plane, train, or bus is clean, runs on time, and the staff is friendly and helpful?
  • How about when you show up at a restaurant and they not only have your reservation but know you by name and show you quickly to your table? And then your food comes out on time and it’s perfectly cooked?
  • How about when you order something online and it’s in stock and arrives when you expect it?
  • How about when friends remember your birthday? Or what you like to eat? Or shows you like to go to?
  • How about when you attend a class and the agenda is clear, the class starts and ends on time, and the teacher is positive and focused?

One of the coolest things about getting organized is that you prioritize the work that means the most to you. And you get it done.

But another bonus is the positive energy you bring to Earth when you know your stuff. And do what you say you’re going to do. And do your work really, really well.

If getting organized for yourself doesn’t motivate you, how about getting organized for others? If you love finding order in the Universe, why not add to that?

Sending you peace and love from the beautiful state of Maine.

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