Starting a “love to do” list

Want to have some fun and get a bump of energy?

Grab a piece of a paper and a pen and brainstorm a “love to do” list. This is a list of 20 things you’d love to do but aren’t doing now. If 20 is easy, go for 30. Or 40. My experience is that the last few things I struggle to add to the list are often the most interesting.

Now, look at your list for similarities. Is there a lot that’s creative? Or educational? Does your “love to do” list lean toward friends and family? Or show an inclination to travel? If a big part of your list is in one category, that may spur you to think of other, similar items.

At a talk yesterday in Old Town, Maine, we discussed how much energy we get from doing love-to-do stuff. And how most of the time we leave this stuff off of our daily task list. We want to be responsible and to get tasks done in an orderly way, but what good is it if you’re working hard all the time and don’t have any fun?

AND here’s a bonus: If you add a love-to-do item to your list and give it top priority so you tackle it first thing in the day, you may find you get more done than if you stick just to tasks. Adding energy to your day can lead you down some amazing paths.

I’m going to plant peas as a love-to-do task tomorrow. What can you add to your list that will charge you up and make you smile?

Please report in and we’ll inspire each other.

We had a baby in the family yesterday. Check out Miss Tiny Toes. 🙂

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